Every girl loves it!!

 I very like a little gifts) It's make me more feminine...  If you bring a bottle of Riesling ( my favorite wine) and flowers - you will very spoil me)  And I very like candles with a gentle, almost no noticeable aroma - its make my house warm and cozy..) and I like Cogniac ad Tequila in a cold evening - our meeting

will fan and energy!)

 Like any beautiful girl I like to dress nicely. In my opinion the Italians are the best creation of shoes! :) 10 sm is a minimum heel height . My size is 39 (European)

 If you saw a beautiful stockings and would lke to present it - my size is 3)

Other nice different gift cards will help remind me of you many more time...(but I do not drink Staracks coffie :=))

Thank you, dear!